What I Ate in Boston


Today I’m sharing a little travel and food diary of everything I ate in Boston.

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February Favorites


As I’m writing this I’m sitting outside in the beautiful sunshine and its pretty hard to believe February is over and its getting warm already (not that I’m complaining). As I get older I’ve realized that I think I want it to be Spring all the time. I used to love the cold and thought I wanted to live somewhere colder, but now I think I’d be pretty happy somewhere that ranges between 50 and 85 degrees all the time. I don’t need four season. But I digress… the purpose of this post is to talk about what I’ve been loving in February, so here goes.

Favorite Meal: Spinach and Potato Soup
I love soup. I don’t care if its cold or warm outside, I just love it. For Christmas I got an immersion blender and I have definitely been optimizing that the past couple months. This month especially I’ve been making a pureed spinach and potato soup pretty much every week. I love having it for lunch or just as a side with dinner. It really hits the spot.

Favorite Skincare: Malin + Goetz Clarifying Clay Mask
For some reason the last couple months my skin has just not been happy with me. Mostly my forehead has just been so bumpy and I don’t know why. But I got this clarifying clay mask in my Birchbox in January and decided to give it a go. I instantly noticed a difference from the first time I used it. This mask has the consistency and feel of a clay mask, so it cleans your pores, it has pumice to get rid of dead skin, witch hazel to help with blemishes and excess oil, and then when you wash it off it has little bits that exfoliate. So basically its the only mask you’ll ever need. But like I said, I noticed a difference after just one use and after the second use a few days later my skin was basically completely cleared up.

Favorite Makeup Product: Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
This is more of a rediscovery actually. I got this probably about a year ago when the Hourglass blushes were all the rage, and this was a good drugstore dupe. I loved in when I first got it too, but over time I just started using other things. With the weather getting warmer I’ve just been drawn to this again and I’ve officially fallen back in love. It’s such a beautiful, subtle color with just the right amount of shine in it.

Favorite Youtuber: Casey Neistat
This one is also a little bit of a rediscovery. I’ve always loved Casey’s vlogs, but recently I’ve also gotten my boyfriend into them and we’ve started watching them together every day. Casey is a daily vlogger, but he views every vlog as its own little movie, so the quality is always amazing and creative. He’s also hilarious and pretty inspirational.

Favorite Show: I’ll Have What Phil’s Having
Lately I’ve just been really into food shows, so I was flipping through Netflix in hopes of discovering something new and foodie. I’ll Have What Phil’s Having combines my two favorite things: food and travel. Phil travels to different places and learns about food and culture, while eating some really delicious food. I was hooked when I watched the Italy episode where most of it is spent in Florence (my favorite city in the world). Bonus: Phil is the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond so he’s pretty goofy and hilarious. Unfortunately there’s only about 5 or so episodes, but they’re definitely worth a watch.

What have you been loving this month?

Try The World Box Review

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I am a sucker for subscription boxes. I wish they were are only $1 per month so I could just order them all… but alas they are not. While I wish I could try a million different boxes, there are a few that really stand out to me. One in particular is called Try The World, and it just kept popping up in just about every ad on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Being the food and culture obsessed person that I am, I knew I would love it, so I was very excited to see an ad that offered one month free.


Try the World is box that is delivered once every other month and features food products from a different country each time. Like I said, I love learning about food and culture, so this sounded so amazing to me. The free trial box was the Paris Box and it came with 7 different French food products. Also included was a a pamphlet with a little bit about each product and a recipe that incorporated a few of the products and was representative of Parisian cuisine. trytheworld2

In my box I received Clementine Jam, Sea Salt, Tea, Cookies, Dijon Mustard, Caramels, and an herb mixture. The recipe that they included was a Steak Tartar, which, unfortunately, I’m not really into. But I think I’ll easily find things to do with the ingredients individually. Currently, I’ve eaten all of the caramels and cookies (obviously), as well as the clementine jam. Don’t worry, I received the box a few weeks ago. Both the caramel and cookies were delicious, and I surprising loved the Clementine jam the most. I just put it on toast with butter and it was so good. Sweet and citrusy. I haven’t used the dijon or the herb mixture yet but I’m sure I will soon.


In the end I really enjoyed the Try the World Box. The next box going out was Thailand, which I think would have been really cool as well. The down side is that this box is $40 for only one box every other month. This is a shame because I really love the idea and would definitely pay probably $10-$15 for it, but I don’t necessarily think its worth $40. Maybe if it came with more products? I don’t know. If you have the money and love trying different cultural cuisines, I say go for it because it was a really fun box, but if you’re like me (poor) then I would say it probably isn’t worth it. I think it would be cheaper to just find a cool ethnic meal and buy ingredients at a grocery store or specialty store to make it.

I did really enjoy trying this subscription box out though, and I would love to start trying more things to review. On my list is companies like Blue Apron and Plated. Is there anything else you guys would like me to review? Any food related subscription boxes you’ve been eyeing up?

Eating My Way Through DC


About a month ago I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in Washington DC with my mom and sister. As with most times I go to a different city, I was excited to try some new food. Luckily, my sister actually lives in DC so she knew some of the best spots. I never realized what a great food scene DC has, but everything we ate was seriously delicious and different.

Wise Guys PizzaIMG_2650

My mom and I got a slice of pizza for lunch per her request. This pizza place is actually underneath the building that my sister used to live in, so my mom had been many times and loved it. I love most pizza so I, or course, was a fan. I ended up getting a slice of Buffalo Chicken pizza, which is my all-time favorite flavor. My mom and I also split a Cesar salad, which was on point. This was also a pretty cheap option compared to most DC eats, and it looks like they’re open super late. I can just imagine getting a good slice of pizza as a late night snack. Yum!


Oh Ramen, how I love thee. This trip really jumpstarted my ramen obsession, and I don’t regret it one bit. The next restaurant we went to was a tiny little place called Daikaya, right near the Verizon Center. While the restaurant was tiny, there was no shortage of people. We ended up waiting a little over an hour, but there was plenty of shopping around so it wasn’t a big deal. We got some Gyoza to start and then we each got a big ole bowl of ramen. I went with the Mugi-Miso Ramen, which the server said was his favorite, and was a little more unique to that particular restaurant. I also added a spice bomb and a soft boiled egg. It was soooo good. The spice bomb made it just spicy enough, and the flavor was to die for. I also love the minced pork that came with all of the ramen (except the vegetarian). If your in DC and craving ramen I would definitely suggest stopping by.

Momofuku Milk Bar


I didn’t really get a picture of my food from here because I devoured it immediately. Whoops. I had heard of the Momofuku in NYC, but I didn’t even know they had one in DC. I actually noticed it on my Google Maps and knew we had to go in. The main purpose was to get my boyfriend some famous Crack Pie, but of course I had to get something too. I ended up getting a crunchy cereal milkshake, which was cereal milk with cereal in it. The cereal was like a cross between corn flakes and frosted flakes, so they were not too sweet, but sweet enough. We also got a couple cookies, and a little jug of cereal milk. It was sooo good! I hear the noodle bar is good as well, but we only went to the milk bar.

Ted’s Bulletin

Why yes those are homemade pop tarts, and yes they were just as delicious as you would except. Brunch was at Ted’s Bulletin in Eastern Market. As you can probably gather from the above photos, it was A LOT of food, and I didn’t finish nearly half of it. We made the mistake of each getting a pop tart (strawberry, caramel, and cinnamon sugar) before our meals. The pop tarts were actually different than I expected. I expected kind of a flakey, toaster strudel type crust, but it was actually more of a shortbread cookie type crust. All three were amazing. I then got chicken biscuits for my breakfast. Now when they said “mini biscuits” I pictured them being much smaller, but to be fair the server did warn me. Either way, it was delicious, even if I did only eat one biscuit. They also have lunch and dinner, and I hear the spiked milkshakes are amazing as well.

Union Market


For breakfast on our last day we wanted something quick and easy, so we went to Union Market. Union market is like an indoor market with a bunch of different vendors. I loooove this type of setting and I really wish Raleigh had something similar. We ended up going to Buffalo & Bergen to get bagel sandwiches. As you can see I got a sausage, egg, and cheese on a sesame seed bagel. We also got coffee from another vendor. It looked like they had a lot of good stuff, which I would’ve tried if I hadn’t been stuffing myself with amazing food all weekend. I definitely want to go back and try more in Union Market next time I’m in DC.

Hard to believe I ate all of that in one weekend huh? But what’s a foodie to do when there’s so many good options?! If anyone has any other DC food suggestions I would love to here them, as I’m sure I’ll be going back soon.

Eating My Way Through Nashville


I was lucky enough to visit the country singin, cowboy boot wearin, delicious food cookin, city of Nashville, Tennessee in October. As I wrote about a few months ago, the annual nutrition conference, FNCE, was held for four days in Nashville this year. I had never been to Nashville before, so I was super excited to try some good ole southern cooking… and everything else about the city of course (but mostly the food, who am I kidding?).

I have to give a lot of credit to a fellow traveler for finding all of these amazing restaurants, but I just thought I’d share my experiences with you in case you find yourself in the Music City.


IMG_2514Our first stop was a lovely little brunch spot called Marché. From what I understand, this was in a location called Five Points. It was just a short drive from downtown Nashville where we were stayingThere were too many delicious things to chose from, so a friend and I decided to share.We got a delicious mushroom crepe and a quiche that  had chorus and corn and other delicious things. I visited their website to jog my memory of exactly what was in each meal, but it looks like they change their menu seasonally. Everything here tasted really fresh and delicious.


Pinewood Social


Our next stop was to Pinewood Social. Now this was a little different because we were lucky enough to attend a networking event and everything was served family style. I don’t go to family styles restaurants very often, but I do love the concept. It allowed us to try so many things I probably wouldn’t have normally ordered. So let’s see, first we got some fried broccoli. Broccoli is not amongst my favorite vegetables…. but fried broccoli.. yes please! I know as a future dietitian I’m probably not supposed to say that, but holy crap this was good. We also got some hummus and crackers, and some kale Caesar salad, which is pretty self explanatory, and also scrumptious. IMG_2530


This restaurant also had a lot of gluten free options, including gluten free fried chicken. So good.


Dat creamy jalapeno mac n cheese doe.


And finally some steak medallions with roasted vegetables. Everything was seriously amazing, plus we got to bowl while we ate!

Acme Feed and Seed

This photo might not look incredibly appealing, but this shrimp and grits may just be my favorite thing I ate the whole trip. Acme Feed & Seed was just a block or two from our hostel and we had heard good things from other interns who had eaten there, so we gave it a go. The atmosphere was incredibly casual. You order at the front and then find a spot at one of the long community tables and listen to the live music and wait for your food. Now I have only recently discovered my love for shrimp and grits, so I wasn’t totally confident with my decision, but once I tasted that andouille sausage gravy I was sold. The only problem is that now I’m not satisfied with all of the tomato-based shrimp and grits here in Raleigh. They also offered things like ribs, and other southern favorites.



Our final stop was Crema. We got so much free food at the expo that we didn’t have breakfast any other day, but apparently everyone had heard a lot of good things about this little coffee shop, so we made a special trip. I feel like I should’ve only showed you this picture to make you think I ate healthy the whole trip…. oh well. This was an adorable little coffee shop, but imagine the baristas’ surprise when ten dietitians all walk in right at opening and order a million avocado toasts. Whoops. I have always loved making my own avocado toast, but had never actually gotten it at a restaurant. This one was delicious with avocado, goat cheese, red pepper flakes, and sprouts. Mmmm so good.

And that is what I ate in Nashville. I would recommend all of the restaurants on the list if you happen to find yourself in Nashville one day.

Eating My Way Through Copenhagen



Ah, beautiful Copenhagen, the land where my bank account almost went to die. Seriously, I have never had to consciously remove myself from a store for fear of buying so much before. If you like interior design, but you’re poor, never go to Copenhagen. You have been warned.

Anyways, the final stop on our European adventure was indeed Copenhagen, and I think we both liked it a lot more than we imagined. This was partly because of the amazing interior design, and design in general. We just happened to be there during “Design Week” where all of the firms opened their doors to the public. We got to see amazing kitchens, furniture, lighting, and other beautiful things that I will probably never be able to afford…but I digress. The food in Copenhagen was delicious, as with the rest of the trip. Everyone always says Scandinavia is so expensive, which it definitely is, but I felt like Copenhagen had a lot more affordable options than Stockholm did.

Joe & the Juice


Let’s start with perhaps the most important restaurant from our whole trip: Joe & the Juice. Now I don’t know if they have this place in other countries or what but it is allllll over Copenhagen. The first time we went was during our first layover of the trip in the Copenhagen airport and the rest is history. I think we ended up going to Joe & the Juice at least five times during our two weeks abroad. It was seriously so good! Its so simple, all they have is fresh pressed juice and flatbread sandwiches, but they’re so good! I got a bunch of different juices, so I couldn’t even begin to tell you what’s in the one pictured above, maybe beet juice and something? I don’t know. It was a little expensive for what it is, but it was sooo delicious and I really wish we had something like this here in Raleigh.


Copenhagen Food 2

We decided to come here per the suggestion of Estee Lalonde in her Scandinavian vlogs. The owners of this restaurant have quite a few restaurants around Copenhagen, all with different themes and menus. I believe Madklubben is the most affordable of them, but it is still really nice. They served all sorts of traditional danish dishes, as well as not so traditional dishes with a danish twist. I think the word is “New Nordic”? That could be something totally different, what do I know? But anyways, everything here was incredibly fresh and tasted homemade. I decided to go with a more Danish dish and got cod-cakes with a dill sauce, as well as mashed potatoes on the side. Sam went with gnocchi, which had its own little Madklubben twist.

Copenhagen Food 3

And of course we couldn’t resist dessert. We both got an amazing creme brûlée with a little citrus twist to it. Overall this meal was one of my favorites, and I would definitely recommend checking out Madklubben, or any of their other restaurants, if you find yourself in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Food 4

Paperirøen (aka Paper Island)

Copenhagen Food 5

The Paper Islands is a big warehouse filled with food trucks, kind of like the Foodhallen in Amsterdam. There were lots of different ethnic options, as well as snacks, desserts, and all sorts of thing. While it was good, I think I preferred the food offered in the Foodhallen a little more. But anyways, I ended up with a falafel wrap from one of the Mediterranean trucks and Sam ended up getting a Chorizo plate. We also got some ice cream to top it all off. This is just another example of all of the affordable options in Copenhagen. Do be aware that this place is a little difficult to get to, at least from where we were staying. My GPS tried to take us across a bridge that was only halfway built… so maybe don’t go that way.

Rita’s Smørrebrød
Copenhagen Food 7

Another traditional Danish dish is Smørrebrød, which is essentially an open faced sandwich made on a special, crunchy brown bread. I had seen Rita’s a few times online when doing some research about where to eat in Copenhagen, and many sources said this was the best place to get an authentic Smørrebrød. Imagine my excitement when we got to our Airbnb in Copenhagen and Rita’s was literally right across the street! These babies were only about $3 each, so we both got two to try. I ended up trying the egg sandwich and the chicken salad sandwich, and Sam got one with potatoes. They were all really good and made for the perfect lunch.

Copenhagen Food 8

Via Veneto Pizzeria

Copenhagen Food 9

This pizza was so good that I accidentally forgot to take a picture of it until there was only one slice left. Like I’ve said in previous posts, we got pizza in each country we went to, and I think this was my favorite of them all. One night we were just really tired and wanted to relax, so we just got some takeout pizza and we somehow got lucky enough to find this glorious place. I was a little hesitant because it seemed to be so much cheaper than all of the other pizza places, but oh man was is it good. The menu was all in Danish, so I had to put everything into Google translator until I found one that sounded good and just went with that. I got a white pizza with potatoes, bacon, and pesto. You guys, if you haven’t had potatoes on pizza you need to try it immediately. It was amazing! So if you’re in Copenhagen and craving a lazy night in with some pizza, this is the place to go.

Chin Chin

Copenhagen Food 10

This was another lucky find right near our Airbnb. We kept seeing posters for it that looked delicious, so we looked up the menu and it ended up being really affordable as well, in addition to being located right around the corner. This is a little noodle bar where you can essentially build your own dish. You choose the type of noodles, the sauce, and any meats or veggies you’d like to include. They also had a few soups, as well as dumplings, egg rolls, and little dishes like that. I ended up getting Egg Noodles with Chicken and the Bangkok sauce, which was a red curry sauce. It also came with the traditional vegetables like carrots and onions. Overall it was really good, especially for the price.

Honorable Mentions
A random street hotdog which was stuffed into a french baguette instead of a bun. It was very hard to be mature while the hot dog was being prepared, but man was it good.

Non-food mention: Lady Fingers
Remember how I said I wanted to buy everything in Copenhagen? I resisted for the most part but I did have to buy something, of course. We were out and about one day searching for these cups that the girl who owned our Airbnb had and we came across the most amazing jewelry store. Everything in the store was handmade and dainty and beautiful. Sam ended up getting me this beautiful, simple necklace that I now wear almost every day. So if you’re into that sort of stuff, I would definitely suggest paying them a visit if you find yourself in Copenhagen.

Eating My Way Through Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden | Made to Order

The next stop on our big adventure this summer was Stockholm. We both agreed that Stockholm was probably our favorite of the three places we went. It was so beautiful and clean and not insanely crowded. I didn’t really know what to expect from Stockholm but I had heard great things, and it did not disappoint. If anything, the only thing I didn’t like was that I didn’t get enough time to explore everything….and the fact that is quite expensive. While we tried to keep our meals as budget-friendly as possibly, we did find it a lot more difficult to find cheaper options. However, we did have some amazing meals.

Stockholm Food

Malarpaviljongen | Made to Order


I’m not even going to try to pronounce the name of this restaurant, but we went three times. It wasn’t super cheap but it wasn’t crazy expensive either, and the atmosphere was just amazing. It is right on the water in Kungsholmen and is all outside. There’s an area with picnic-type tables, a large gazebo, and even an area that floats out over the water. They also sold all types of plants and ceramic and things I wanted to buy. After double checking the name on Google I did find that it is a summer-only cafe, so if you want to go you have to go in the summer…although I would imagine that’s the best time to go to Stockholm anyways. Moving on to the food, this was my first Swedish meatball experience! Now I have to attempt to talk about meatballs without creating a “that’s what she said” moment. So for this meal I got probably about 10 small meatballs, mashed potatoes, cucumbers, and lingonberries with gravy on top. It was soooo delicious. Sam got a halloumi burger, which is an actual burger made out of cheese instead of beef. Needless to say he liked it. The other two times we went for dessert and got some delicious pie and cinnamon rolls. The food was really good but the atmosphere is what made us come back every night.

Stockholm Food 2

Malarpaviljongen | Made to Order


Stockholm Food 3

Pelikan | Made to Order

The next night we ate more Swedish meatballs at a restaurant called Pelikan. I went here on the request of Essie Button’s Scandinavia vlogs. Yelp also agreed that this was probably the best Swedish meatballs in Stockholm. These were a little different from the pervious night as they were much larger and we only got four. I could barely finish them though. Again they came with lingonberries and pickles, and we also got a side of mashed potatoes. I have to say, I think these were better than the last ones. They were just cooked so perfectly and the gravy was amazing as well. This was a little bit of a fancier atmosphere, and I think it was probably our most expensive meal, but it still wasn’t crazy. They also have a ton of other traditional Swedish meals on the menu. Sam was going to get the reindeer but that was insanely expensive. I would definitely suggest coming here if you’re looking for a really traditional Swedish meal.

Primo Caio Caio Pizza

Stockholm Food 4

Primo Ciao Ciao Pizza | Made to Order

We stumbled across this restaurant when we sadly were unable to go to Herman’s because it was closed for renovation. We figured we might as well try pizza everywhere we went, so we chose to try it for lunch on this day. Unfortunately they didn’t have an English menu and none of the staff could speak good enough English to tell us what things meant, which is kind of surprising for Stockholm. But anyways, we just kind of guessed and ended up with what is pictured above. My pizza just had cheese, tomatoes, rocket, and red onion and Sam got a cheese calzone. It was all brick oven pizza and we watched them make it right before they brought it out, so it was really nice and fresh. Overall it was pretty good, but I kind of wish I could’ve read the menu to chose a more exciting pizza… but hey that’s part of being in another country right?

Stockholm Food 5

Rosendals Tragard | Made to Order

Rosendals Trädgård

While this picture might not look that appealing, I really loved this place. It’s situated in a little green house in the middle of a park in Djurgarden. My favorite part about this place is that it seemed to be centered around the dessert, which is my kind of place. As you walk in there is a fairly large buffet full of cookies, cakes, and pies. Each item has a price next to it and you can grab all you want. At the end of the bar there were a few sandwich options as well. They did have daily specials for entrees, but again, they didn’t have an English menu, so we just grabbed a half of a sandwich each and a bunch of cookies. For some reason I only took photos of two cookies, but believe me there were many more. The atmosphere here was just lovely and I could’ve sat there all day. They had seating inside the greenhouse, as well as outside. They also had a nice little store where they sold things like fresh made jam and honey.

Stockholm Food 6

Rosendals Tragard | Made to Order

Stockholm Food 7

Rosendals Tragard | Made to Order

And that is all of the delicious things I ate in Stockholm. We also made a few trips to 7-11 for breakfast to save some money, but I don’t think you’re interested in seeing that. Stockholm was such a beautiful city and I can’t wait to go back one day.

Let me know if you’d like me to do some more travel-focused posts on actual travel tips rather than food as well.

Eating My Way Through Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands | Made to Order

One thing that I’m very passionate about it traveling. I love being immersed into new places and new cultures. In my opinion, one of the best ways to get to know a culture is to eat the food. When I go somewhere new, finding good food is one of the things I get most excited about, is that weird? Well anyways, this summer I was lucky enough to take a two week trip to Europe, and Amsterdam was the first stop.

Amsterdam was interesting because there wasn’t necessarily that many things that were really traditional dutch foods. And unfortunately those few traditional foods I forgot to take pictures of…of course. I’ll go through everything I did manage to photograph and write a little blurb about everything else at the end.

I hope you guys like looking at pictures of other people’s food…

The Foodhallen

Amsterdam Food

Foodhallen | Made to Order

If you ever get the chance to go to Amsterdam I highly, highly recommend the The Foodhallen. I had seen this place on a lot of the blogs I looked at when trying to get an idea of where to eat and was so excited to find out our Airbnb was literally a block away. Needless to say we ended up going every single day…whoops. This was like the foodie’s version of a food court and every single thing I tried was delicious. The first thing we tried was the gourmet hot dog stand called Bulls and Dogs. Mine was a greek-style dog with taziki sauce and scallions, Sam’s had pimento cheese, onion, and olives. Both were in pretzel buns and were so amazing.

Amsterdam Food 2

Bulls & Dogs | Made to Order

We also tried a little dessert place called Petit gáteau. They had amazing little mini tarts in just about every flavor you could think of. I’m not gonna lie…we definitely went here more than once, but I only photographed one visit. This was a vanilla, a strawberry crumble, a caramel, and an apple crumble and they were all amazing.

Amsterdam Food 3

Petit gâteu | Made to Order

We also tried a few places that I, unfortunately, didn’t photograph. I think my favorite of these places was a little pizza place called Pink Flamingo. Apparently this place is a chain, but I don’t even care because it was so amazing. You can basically make your own personal pizza by choosing 4 different slices of whichever pizza you wanted. We ended up getting two pieces of Almodovar, which was chicken, chorizo, and shrimp, and the Obama which had bacon and pineapple chutney. We tried to go back another night but sadly they were closed. I also tried a spring roll from a Vietnamese stand and Sam tried a spinach pot pie from a pie stand.

Lunchroom Wilhelmina

Amsterdam Food 4

Lunchroom Wilhelmina | Made to Order

The next stop was to a little cafe called Lunchroom Wilhelmina. We just happened to pass this place on our way into the city center on our first morning and I am so glad we did. It was a tiny little cafe in an area close to Vondelkerk and an entrance to the Vondelpark. Sam and I both got this incredibly simple, incredibly delicious meal of rye bread with goat cheese, bacon, and honey. We also tried to go back here but when we went back their electricity was out so they couldn’t make anything hot. It was very unfortunate. Looking at this picture is making me really sad….. moving on.

Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx

Amsterdam Food 5

Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx | Made to Order

This is one place I saw on pretty much every single website I looked at when doing research for the trip. They are said to have the best fries in Amsterdam. I didn’t actually try any other fries in Amsterdam but these were pretty damn good. I love that they just plop the sauce on top, and they were definitely not shy about the amount of dipping sauce they give. I got samurai sauce, which was basically like a spicy mayo. These were sooo so good, so cheap, and so easy to eat while we were walking around as well. Apparently the lines can get really long but we got lucky and only had to wait behind 3 or 4 people.

De Italiaan

Amsterdam Food 6

De Italiaan | Made to Order

We ended up being in Amsterdam for Sam’s birthday and he wanted Italian, so we went to De Italiaan. Pizza was a major theme of our trip. We ended up getting pizza in all three stops at least once, so prepare for a lot of pizza pictures over the next few months as I post about the rest of the trip. This was a delicious wood oven pizza with pancetta, red onion, and mushrooms. Sam also got some amazing gnocchi with cheese sauce. This was also probably our most expensive meal or the trip, and it wasn’t even that bad. So if you’re looking for fairly budget friendly food in Amsterdam all of the places I’ve mentioned are great.

Amsterdam Food 7

Happy Pig Pancake Shop | Made to Order

Happy Pig Pancake Shop

One thing you shouldn’t miss out on while in Amsterdam is the dutch pancakes. We stumbled across this little shop near Dam Square after the original place we wanted to go to was closed. But this place did not disappoint. Sam and I both opted for sweet pancakes, or course. Mine had apple, raisin, and cinnamon with toasted almonds on the inside and a salted caramel sauce on top. It was amazing.


Amsterdam Food 8

Kartika | Made to Order

One of the things that I was most excited to try in Amsterdam was Indonesian food. I had read so much about how the Indonesian food there is so amazing and authentic. So from what I’ve read (aka what Google is telling me write now as I type this post), the Dutch used to trade spices with Indonesia. When the Dutch East India Company went bankrupt, Indonesia actually became a colony of the Netherlands, causing the Dutch to embrace Indonesian cuisine. What intrigued me most about Indonesian cuisine is that it wasn’t just new food, it was a whole new experience. They bring you 12 small dishes on a hot plate for two people to share. This was actually one of the cheaper Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam but it was amazing. It ended up being one of our favorite things we ate throughout the whole trip. We got the Ramayana meal, which is suggested for first-timers.

Amsterdam Food 8

Kartika | Made to Order

It included chicken satay with peanut sauce, beef in spicy coriander sauce, stewed beef, chicken with spicy Balinese sauce, chicken with ginger and soy sauce, Indonesian salad with peanut sauce, mixed vegetables with coconut milk sauce, green beans in spicy sauce, boiled egg with spicy sauce, fried potatoes, sweet and sour salad and fried bananas. They also had a vegetarian option, and an option which had more “adventurous” meat choices, like lamb. If you are ever in Amsterdam I HIGHLY recommend giving Indonesian food a try. It was such a fun experience.

Well it looks like I’ve run out of pictures. In terms of other traditional Dutch food, one of my favorite things that we forgot to take pictures of was Poffertjes, which were like tiny little bit size pancakes with butter and powdered sugar. One of the traditional foods that I didn’t try was the herring. They say its good but I just couldn’t bring myself to eat a whole raw fish. Another thing we loved to do was walk through all of the different markets. There was always good, cheap, street food available wherever we went. Overall, I thought Amsterdam was a beautiful city with amazing food and I definitely hope to go back sometime. Keep an eye out for posts about Stockholm and Copenhagen coming up soon.